Quotation in English Textbooks: Pragmatic Effect


  • Svitlana Nasalkina Odesa State Agrarian University


English, citations, English textbooks, higher educational institutions.


Nowadays English language has become lingua franca almost for all spheres of science
and education that`s why it is very important to research the modern English textbooks
for non-native speakers. The new English textbooks for economists like Business
Partner or Market Leader, Focus focuses on the students who should know not only
linguistic but also cultural aspects of English language. The effectiveness of a textbook
depends on the many factors. The paper dwells on the problem of using quotations in
the modern textbooks. It has been offered some language techniques used in the English
classes. In the present paper, 100 examples of quotations were analyzed. The using of
quotes in the English textbooks helps to present the interesting aspects of English
culture. The cumulative function of quotes is in their ability to accumulate and
generalize extra lingual information. Thus, the quotation usage helps to motivate
students to study English as a language of professional development and social inclusion
in the English culture. English quotations in any textbooks can create the effect of
immersion into English environment and cultural life. Obviously, this can motivate
students to learn English better and to know more about the English culture.




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